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What are the side effects of decapeptyl injection?

Q: I am a 26-year-old unmarried girl. I am taking the decapeptyl injection so that I can become an egg donor. What are side effects of this injection? Will the chances of my conceiving reduce with its use?

A:Decapeptyl is a brand name that contains a medicine called triptorelin. The details are as follow: Approved uses:

  • Endometriosis (Inflammation of inner surface of uterus).
  • Uterine fibroids (tumours) prior to surgery or when surgery is not possible.
  • Cancer of prostate in men.
Must never be used in pregnancy; hence non-hormonal methods of contraception must be used. Breast feeding is never permitted. Adverse Drug Reactions: Hot flushes, menorrhagia (too much bleeding during menstrual cycle), vaginal dryness, rash, weight gain, muscle pain, weakness, oedema. Joint pain. Bone loss, inflammation of veins, transient high blood pressure. Reduction in breast size, emotional ability. Sometimes, gynaecomastia in males, GI disturbance, headache, asthma, fever, pain while passing urine, vertigo and hair loss. Long term use results in decreased ovarian activity and hence ovulation problems.


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