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What are the side effects of Cymbalta?

Q: I have been taking Amitryptiline 50 mg at bedtime for pain control. I was prescribed Cimbalta 20 mg to be increased over a period of time and was on this medication for two days. I stopped Amitryptiline the same day. On the second day, I had severe vertigo and nausea. I called my doctor who told me to stop Cimbalta for two weeks. He prescribed Elavil 25 mg for a week, and told me to stop taking it after a week and then start Cimbalta again. I am scared to try Cimbalta again. Is this a normal reaction?

A:Cymbalta (also called Cimbalta in some countries) is the brand name of an antipsychotic drug called duloexetine. It is indicated in Major Depression. Its side effects include dizziness, vertigo and gastro-intestinal upset. In all likelihood you suffered from the known adverse effects. It can only be definitively proved if the same side effects are experienced on re-challenge (i.e. when Cymbalta is taken again).


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