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What are the reasons for high levels of blood urea and creatinine?

Q: I am 73 years old and suffering from heart and kidney ailments. I suffered 2 heart attacks 23 years ago. I was hospitalised for observation. During a routine check up the kidney problem was detected and the treatment was started. Medicines taken for heart - T-Monotrate 20mg 1-0-1; T Repace 50mg 1-0-0; T Disprin 20 mg 0-1-0; Becasules vitamin 0-0-1; Zyloric 100mg 1-0-1; T Orofer XT 1-0-1. Medicines taken for kidney - Lasix 10mg 1-0-0; T. Calcit (0.25 mg) 1-0-0; T Phostat 1-1-1. I am undergoing perodical check-up every 3 months. In additon I get an annual evalution done as well. From the past one month my blood urea level and serum creatinine has shot up considerably. I underwent two tests at two different hospitals. My test reports say - Blood Glucose (PL): 131 mg/dl (1st reading); 152 mg/dl (2nd reading); Blood urea: 60; serum creatinine: 1.6 (1st reading) mg/dl; 1.9 (2nd reading); Serum uric acid: 8.3 mg/dl (1st reading); 6.2 (2nd reading); Total cholesterol: 176 (2nd reading); Bilirubin total: 0.6 (2nd reading); SGPT (ALT): 16 IU/L (2nd reading); ALP (alkaline phosphatase): 197 IU/L (2nd reading); Serum total protein: 7.5 G/dl (2nd reading); Albumin: 4.3 G/dl; Globulin: 3.2 G/dl; Calcium: 9.2 mg/dl (1st reading); 10 mg/dl (2nd reading); Phosphorus (inorganic): 4.3 mg/dl (1st reading); 3.9mg/dl (2nd reading); Sodium 138 mEq/l; Potassium: 4.8 m.mo/l (1st reading); 3.7 mEq/l (2nd reading); Chloride: 101mEq/l; Bicarbonate 20mEq/l; Hb%: 11.9; 10.7; Packed cell vol: 31; WBC count: 7700; D/C Neutrophil: 60; Eymphocyte: 25; Eosninophil: 5; Monocyte: 9; Basophil: 1; URINE: spec. gravity: 1.006; 1.015; Color: straw yellow; straw; Reaction: acid; acid; Albumin: trace; trace; Sugar: nil; nil; RBCs: 3 to 4 /hpf; 4-6 /; Pus cells: 2-3; 1-2; What are the reasons for a sudden rise in values of blood urea and creatinine? What will be the effect on kidney efficiency? I take the following drugs: Calcite (0.25mg); Phostat or Lasix 10 mg; Zyloric 100mg. Will these result in increase of Blood urea & creatinine?

A:You have chronic kidney aliment. Kidney insufficiency of chronic nature, from whatever the cause, is usually progressive. One can slow the rate of deterioration but not stop it. You should see your nephrologist to find if there is any specific factor to have caused any acute deterioration. The drug list does not have any drugs which could have caused deterioration in your kidney function. I hope you have not taken any of routine pain killers nor have had any diarrhea or vomiting. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (like brufen, voveran & Nimulid) & volume depletion are common causes of acute or chronic renal insufficiency.


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