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What are the medicines available to control premature ejaculation?

Q: What are the medicines available in chemist shop to control premature ejaculation? please name them?

A:The term premature ejaculation is no longer used because it misrepresents the condition. We now refer to it as Early Orgasmic Response. Basically there is nothing wrong with any of the sexual partners; it is a question of adjusting the timing. The correct management of the condition is through non-drug methods such as squeeze, on-off and muscular exercises. You can read any standard book on sexual issues meant for lay people. There is no effective, proven drug for oral consumption. Quite a few imported solutions are being sold by road-side hawkers and even at chemist shops at fancy prices to fool the people. Not only are they useless but can even harm the skin. However, hyposensitization creams (local anaesthetic creams such as lignocainee for topical use) has been tried with varying results.


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