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What are the implications of UTI on future pregnancies?

Q: My wife had an abortion in the 6th month of her pregnancy 2 weeks ago. My wife suffered a urinary tract infection thrice in the past one year. First time it was before my wife's pregnancy, second time was during the 3rd month of pregnancy and third time was in the 6th month of pregnancy. She also had placenta drop during her 4th month. Doctor didn't give any medicines at that time, he just advised to take complete rest. After that it was OK for 2 months. The moment she entered her 6th month, she felt pain and some smell coming from her vagina. Doctor suspected urinary tract infection and gave her some antibiotics. After using only 2 tablets out of the 14 tablet course, there was a severe cut in the middle placenta layer and baby came out and died within two minutes. But, it was like a normal delivery. Doctors did not operate to take out baby. I am not sure what might have happened. Another doctor said that, my wife aborted because of the antibiotics. Can we go for another child? How much gap should we give before going for a second child? Can my wife's body allow her to go for another pregnancy? A gynaecologist suggested that if my wife goes for another pregnancy within a year, there will be a risk to my wife's and child's life and only one will survive. My wife is in a deep shock. Both of us are very afraid now. Please advise.

A:It is difficult to get over an abortion - but time is a good healer. You have not mentioned whether or not your wife's blood pressure was normal or not. In any case, my answers to your queries are: Antibiotic treatment will not cause an abortion. Urinary tract infection MUST be completely cured before your wife attempts another pregnancy, and also for her health. Diagnosis cannot be made on smell from vagina. It is done by urine culture. Cause for recurrent urinary infection should also be ascertained before attempting another pregnancy - consult a nephrologist. It is best to have 1 years gap before attempting another pregnancy. It was not clear whether your wife had placenta previa or abruptio placenta. The latter can recur, but your obstetrician will advice you regarding that when your wife is pregnant again (early pregnancy).


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