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What are the implications of less follicular growth and a small uterus?

Q: I was on oral contraceptive pills for 2 years. Since I wanted to conceive, I stopped OC from the past six months. Since then I am not getting my periods regularly. The doctor has started medication from the second day of my menses for 5 days in order to have good follicle growth. I underwent scanning and it came out that follicle growth is missing from the ovaries and also my uterus size is small. What has affected the follicle growth? What is the impact of a small uterus? Does it hamper pregnancy chances? How do I get healthy eggs so as to conceive? Do I need to get any tests done? Why am I not responding to medication being given in order to have good follicular growth?

A:In very small percentage of women, the COCPs can affect follicle development, as these drugs act by suppressing the hormones required to stimulate the follicle growth. The treatment you are getting is accepted method to treat such a problem. However, you may have had this problem before starting the COCPs too; and this has been unmasked now. Whatever cause, for ovulation induction, there are many drugs and many protocols. These drugs and protocols have to be adjusted and selected upon the individual case. A pelvic (internal )examination by a gynaecologist and a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy will tell you whether or not your reproductive anatomy is normal. A very small uterus can lead to problems like abortion or preterm labour. However, not all pregnancies in such women end this way. So no point worrying, as you cannot change the size of your uterus!


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