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What are the chances of conceiving with endometriosis and fibroids?

Q: I am a 23 year old woman married for 5 years. After one year of marriage I had an ectopic pregnancy and I underwent a laparotomy for it but my tubes were not removed. I have not been able to conceive after that and have very painful periods and also have pain without periods.I was diagnosed as having endometriosis and was given Decapeptyl depot injections twice but there was no relief in pain. I underwent laparoscopy last month. It revealed endometriotic spots which were fulgrated and adhesions were found in my ovaries, tubes etc. My right tube was blocked and the blockage has been removed. Some cysts are seen on my left side and there are multiple intramural fibroids. What are my chances of conceiving and carrying on a healthy pregnancy?

A:It is very difficult to give you your chances like that without knowing the details of the findings about the severity of the endometriosis and the size of the fibroids. But if the uterine cavity is normal and you are not able to conceive naturally or through IUI, then it is worth giving a try to IVF.


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