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What are the chances of a second ectopic pregnancy?

Q: I am 28 yrs old and am married for the past 6 months now. Last year I had an abortion - actually it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and I lost one of my organs. I am pregnant now, and we dont want a child yet. My question is can I abort now and not have any complication when I want to conceive again . Actually, my mother is very scared and wants some assurance very soon. Will look forward to your reply before I take any step.

A:From the information you have provided it is impossibe to give an assurance, obviously it is impossible to predict how your next pregnancy would be. After an ectopic there is a high chance that any subsequent pregnancy would be an ectopic as well. So please get an ultrasound done to see that this pregnancy is in the uterus. If it is ok, ideally you should continue but if you decide to abort you should remember that your next pregancy (as and when you want it) may be ectopic and you may regret aborting this one then. I am not suggesting that if you abort this one then you will not conceive again or you will only have ectopic pregnancies only. But there is always a chance that it may happen. The chance of this one or any other pregnancy you have being an ectopic is about 10 % (meaning thereby that 90% would be in the uterus and normally placed) so please take a decision consciously and keeping all this in mind.


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