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What are the chances of a normal delivery following a C-section?

Q: My first baby was delivered through a c-section. Now I am 36 weeks pregnant. My doctor has advised me to choose an option for delivery either through operation or normal. I want a normal delivery but my doctors says that if you want a normal one then there is risk to fetus and have advised to go for a surgery. Doctor please advise me as soon as possible.

A:The chances of normal delivery following a previous C-section can be as high as 70%. But it depends upon following factors:

  • Reason for 1st CS
  • Length of labour band cervical dilatation before 1 st CS
  • Estimated weight of present baby
  • Presentation of baby
  • Cephalo-pelvic disproportion to be ruled out
  • Whether or not there are any medical problems e.g. high BP during this pregnancy. It is best to leave the decision to your treating obstetrician -she is the best judge. After all, you want the end result to be good- for both & your baby, isn't it? It is difficult to give an opinion in your case without examining you. If you still have doubts you should take a second opinion from an experienced doctor.


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