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What are the chances of a normal delivery?

Q: I have conceived after 1 year of my marriage. Earlier I had irregular periods and I am a little anaemic. I got scanning done in 2nd and 4th month which appears to be normal as per doctors opinion. I had severe stomach pain in the 5th month of pregnancy. The gynaecologist said that it is due to urinary infection and conducted a urine culture test which she said was normal. I suffered from fever, vomiting, continuous sputum, cough and chill during that time. I also had chickenpox for a week. It took almost 20 days for me to recover from all this. Now I am in the 8th month of pregnancy feeling healthy and comfortable. I am feeling the baby movements clearly from the 6th month. I have now taken 2 to 3 expert opinions about the well-being of my baby, which they said everything is normal. My due date is next month. Kindly let me know that whether I can have a normal delivery? Will my baby be fit physically and mentally?

A:It would be really difficult for me to judge from this information whether you will have a normal delivery. It depends on the babys size and the size of the pelvis; your babys condition at the time of delivery, how your cervix progresses during labour - all of which will be decided by the attending obstetrician at the time of delivery. In 10-15% cases, chickenpox can cause shingles, skin scarring, limb hypoplasia, visceral, neurological and eye lesions. Zoster immune globulin to the baby after birth is advisable.


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