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What are the causes of a blood clot in the brain?

Q: My grandfather is 88 years old. He is a teetotaler and has a disciplined regimen. He suddenly developed numbness on the left side of his body and was rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention. He does not have a previous history of any ailment. He was placed in the ICU and was advised to undergo a scan of the brain. The scan indicated a blood clot on the right side of the brain. Doctors have prescribed medications and suggested physiotherapy, but have indicated that the chances of recovery is only 70 percent. What are the causes for the above sudden setback? Please suggest ways for its prevention and for posterity.

A:The commonest cause for the formation of a blood clot in the brain at this age is uncontrolled high blood pressure. A surge in blood pressure ruptures one of the fragile blood vessels in the brain. Other causes could be degenerative changes in the arteries that carry blood to the brain with consequent vulnerability to rupture. We cannot prevent degeneration of our tissues by any means other than healthy living and regular exercise. We can control our blood pressure. Periodic examination to ensure that blood pressure is within normal limits and, if the person suffers from high blood pressure, regular medication to ensure that it is brought within the normal range and kept there are simple and effective measures. I am afraid I cannot answer the part about posterity.


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