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What are the benefits of Panlipase capsules?

Q: I am 30 years old, 170 cm tall and weigh 40 Kg. I have been taking ordinary Pancrelipase capsules (Digestomen -P) for over a year but always had pain. My doctor says it is due to the pancreas. I visited him last week and he prescribed another capsule called Panlipase (Pancrelipase delayed release tablets). What are the benefits of Panlipase capsules? Will it reduce pain?

A:Pancreatic products such as pancreatin (Digestomen-P, Panlipase) are indicated when there is deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. Such a deficiency does not lead to pain but indigestion and other digestive disorders such as meteorism. If not already done, you should get your serum amylase test done to see if there is disorder of pancreas. There is no material difference between the two brands. For your age (30 years), height (170 cm) you are grossly under-weight at 40 kg. I think you should consult a good doctor and get a firm diagnosis made. You could be suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis, which results in pain and malabsorption leading to loss of weight. Only when a firm and correct diagnosis is made, should one consume medicines.


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