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What are speech, occupational and physical therapy?

Q: My 67 years old father had got brain haemorrhage a month back. He also got a paralytic attack on his right side of the body. He underwent extraventricular drain (EVD) process after 15 days after that attack. Will he be able to recover? What are speech, occupational and physical therapy?

A:The extent of recovery is unpredictable in such cases. Grossly, if there is some recovery in the initial few days, like speaking a word or two, moving some part of the paralysed hand / leg etc. There are fair chances of functional recovery at the end of one year. Occupational therapy deals with the task of teaching the patient adapt to his disability by training him to be maximally independent in activities of daily living. Physical therapy aims at improvement of physical efficiency and prevention of structural complications of a disability. Continuing all three forms: occupational, physical, and speech therapy is advisable in such cases.


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