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What are pseudo-epileptic seizures?

Q: How can a person suffer from both genuine as well as pseudo epileptic attacks. What is the cause for pseudo attacks in such a person? Why are they caused? How to treat them? What is cure percentage in such cases? Who is responsible for such attacks? Does the person do it knowingly, i.e. does the person think and produce it? What is the psychology behind this? Who is better equipped to treat such cases?

A:Epileptic seizures are caused by an abnormal, excessive electric discharges from brain cells that is secondary to a variety of causes. Pseudo-seizures on the other hand are thought to be caused by many different mechanisms although the exact cause is perhaps not well defined. Since the causation is believed to be different, a person could have both the types. Pseudo-seizures are better managed by a Psychiatrist/Psychologist and in collaboration with a Neurologist if the two types of seizures co-exist. You need to contact a Psychiatrist/Psychologist for further details about pseudo-seizures.


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