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What are my chances of a normal delivery?

Q: In my first pregnancy, I had premature contractions from the 7th month, which was controlled by drips and medication. On the delivery day the water broke and though pain was induced, the cervix refused to budge at all. Therefore, I had to go in for a C-section. This was in India 5 years back. Just five months after that, I was admitted in the hospital and operated for appendicitis. Now, I am pregnant with our second child and in a different country so what are my chances to have a normal delivery? Also what are the chances for preterm contractions to show up?

A:A person who has had preterm labour in the previous pregnancy has a higher than normal risk chance of its recurrence in the 2nd pregnancy. It is difficult to predict whether or not you will have preterm labour this time. Sometimes, this may not recur, because the conditions in the 2 pregnancies may be totally different. You underwent C-section because your cervix did not dilate. Therefore, you have a very high chance of a repeat C-section. In contrast, women who undergo C-section after they have been in active labour with the cervix dilated at least 4 cms have a 70% chance of vaginal delivery, provided pregnancy has progressed normally.


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