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vitreous floaters

Q: Now I am 44 years of age. At the age of 20, I came to know that my Left eye is (6/60) lazy one and R/E is 6/6. About 14 yrs back some kind of black spots in the shape of web/coils had appeared in front of my R/E. I was given 2 sets (10 each) of Ranodine injections (which are now not available). It was diagnosed as vitreous floaters due to some gel disturbance. After 2-3 years I was told that these may not disappear but are not harmful. Now due to this I am under serious depression because the problem has developed in L/E also since last one year. I have been advised to consult Psychiatrist and not to worry. I am not able to discuss with my family due to certain reasons. I had been taking oral Colosal Iodine and vit. C products. I am living normal life with any major problem but threat of uncertainty has disturbed my peace of mind. I am required to wear spectacles with + 1.50 power only at the time of reading. Is there any cure for this disease or replacement of lazy eye? Please help and reply quickly.

A:Your left eye is lazy (6/60)which is also known as Amblyopia and the cure of this is possible only during the first 5-8 years of life and not thereafter. There is no replacement possible of lazy eye. The black spots which you see in front of your Right eye were vitreous floaters and are definitelynot harmful, if any underlying Retinal disease has been ruled out by a careful Retinal examination. Injection Ranodine and oral Collosal Iodine are of questionable benefit and have largely been given up now. You can however continue to take Vit.C products. Do get frequent Retinal check up done of the eyes for the symptoms of vitreous floaters.


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