Q: I am 4 months preganant and I visit a good gynae here in Malaysia for my monthly check ups. She does ultrasound or ultrasonic scan of my tummy everytime I vsit her. Although it is good to see the babys development using the scan, my parents in India are worried that scanning may cause any problems to the baby. She applies a gel on my tummy and runs over a scanner and shows the image in a monitor. My parents says that in India, every month scan is not heard and only once or twice in the whole term of pregnancy scanning will be done. I am quite confused about this issue. Other than that my baby is doing very well inside. Please give me some suggestions on this. Thanks a lot.Sarada

A:Ultra sound to date has not been proven to have any ill effects on the fetus hence a scan is not harmful. However in India we generally do 3 scans in a pregnancy but in case of high risk pregnancies we may need to do many more.


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