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Treatment for moderate myopia and squint

Q: Doctor,I am 19 yrs and have been suffering from divergent squint in both eyes since the age of 3 or 4. I had a power of -1 and -0.5 then and was advised to undergo surgery. Since I was very young, my parents refused. Now they also say that the squint has reduced considerably and is not seen frequently. Presently I have shortsight of -6 and -4.5 in my eyes and wear contact lenses. The squint is seen when I dream or think or when I look long distance or at night when the eyes are tired. I want to undergo a surgery to correct it as it might affect my job prospects in future. Is surgery the only way out or are there exercises that can help me as I want to correct it within a year or so? Please specify the exercises if any.

A:You are suffering from moderate myopia and an intermittent divergent squint. This condition is often recompared by a convergence insufficiency and should be treated by convergence (orthoptic) exercises. The nearby ophthalmologist/orthoptist should be able to guide you on the exact methodology. Surgery often needs to be done to correct the squint. You should get in touch with the ophthalmologist for surgery after completing a full course of exercises.


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