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Swelling of eyes

Q: There is some swelling on my left eye with no pain but with some itching and it is been since past few months. I used eye drops and antibiotics and ointments too but the swelling did not go. Now the eye specialist is suggesting a minor operation to take out some pus. Please advise me how it would be if I undergo this minor operation.

A:Thank for your question about a swelling on your left eye. If this is a swelling of the lid and is painless, as you say, then the most likely cause, given the advice of your eye doctor, is something which is called a chalazion. A chalazion is simply an inflammatory reaction of the body to the secretions of the oil gland of the lids which usually causes a painless swelling. It develops when the gland openings become blocked, which is quite a common event in young people such as yourself.
Sometimes these chalazion swellings settle on their own or with the help of an antibiotic. But quite frequently the fluid material inside them fails to absorb, so that a painless swelling remains. The speediest and best way to help in this case, is to let out the fluid by making a cut into the swelling after anaesthetising the lid thoroughly to make the procedure painless. The incision is made on the inside of the lid, and therefore leaves no visible scar. Although some swelling always remains after the surgery, it settles down steadily, usually to leave little evidence of its previous existence.
Do not be frightened of this minor operation. It is likely that the only pain that you will feel is the anaesthetic injection itself. Once the anaesthetic has had its effect, the surgery is painless. Also, remember, that this surgery is carried out very frequently. There are many many other individuals who are treated in this way each day in an eye hospital. My overall advice to you is to take the advice of your surgeon and dont be frightened of having the minor surgery.


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