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Sprain right half

Q: Six months back I had sprained my middle right half of my back, while helping a person in front of me from falling down. I used to get pain on my back and also pain running down my right leg below the knee. Physiotheraphy cured the pain completely. But my right leg gets tired faster than the left leg. Recently I used to play Table tennis, within a weeks time the pain running down my leg started again, if I stand for 2 minutes. Again I was adviced physiotheraphy It was diagnosed as a bulge in disc at L4/L5. Now I am recovering, but the problem persists. I do not know, if there is any relation between the above two problems. Sometimes I get small pain on the right middle back. Is disc buldge fully curelable. Can I ride a bike, since nowadays I am using autorickshaws.

A:Your pain is very much related. The bulge in the disc could be a disc prolapse, which can compress the nerve root and thus lead to a radiating pain down your leg. This kind of pain has a history of relapsing. Conservative treatment includes rest, physiotherapy, muscle training, NSAIDs(drugs), hot fomentation, TENS, ultrasound, etc. Ayurvedic as such cannot help much, but it cannot be harmful. Those who don't get relief from conventional therapy resort to alternative medicine. Surgery is the last modality, where in the prolapsed disc can be removed through a mini incision on the back. But patients generally do well with conservative treatment. You shouldn't lift heavy weight, jog, or twist, or travel long distances. Swimming is fine, and walking too is alright.


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