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Should I wear contact lenses?

Q: I have shortsightedness and the power is - 0.5 in both the eyes. After a year I went for a check up and went for lenses. I wore lenses for around 5 months and in between I fell sick and stopped wearing it as it required being very hygienic with my hands. Now, I don't use them. Do you think I should wear contact lenses?

A:The best thing for you is to wear glasses and have it made as light as possible. You have not written your age but it seems you are very young. When you are physically growing then your eye power will continue to increase even more. If you have to wear contact lenses, I would advise you to wear hard gas permeable contact lenses, which are safer and need less looking after. However, you still have to put in and take out everyday with clean hands and use clean solutions to preserve them and never go to sleep with them. If you are careless you could get eye infection and that could affect your vision badly and permanently. I don't want to frighten you but if you can not properly manage contact lenses, then just wear glasses only.


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