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Should I tell my wife that I need hormonal therapy?

Q: I am 32 years old male working in the gulf. I was hyperthyroid and was treated with Iodine131 radiation therapy; from then I have become hypothyroid for the past 2 years. I got married recently. These days I could not perform well in bed. I consulted an endocrinologist and he checked my testosterone, TFT, LH, FSH and found that my TSH was low and testosterone level was very low [1.08 ngm; 2.0 to 9.0 ngm is normal range]. He prescribed me nuvir 80 mg bd, eltroxin to continue 100 mcg, sildenafil 25 mg sos. After that I had satisfactory sex with my wife for 4 days and I have come back to gulf. Now my wife is pregnant. My query is will my impotency be cured permanently? If not my wife will be disappointed. This is a life long problem. Shall I tell her the truth and get divorce since our married life is hardly 25 days. Please guide me, I feel guilty that I have spoilt my wifes life.

A:You have had satisfactory sex and your wife is now pregnant. What more do you want? Please continue to take the necessary hormonal replacements, with regular blood checks to make sure the replacements are proper, under the guidance of a good doctor, and live happily with your family. By all means tell your wife you need the hormonal treatment. As long as your health, fertility and sexuality are not in any way hampered, I do not see why she or you should be disappointed. After all, one does not think of divorce if the partner happens to wear spectacles! Why should regular need for hormonal replacement be any different?!


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