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Should I take Duphaston during pregnancy?

Q: I am 31 years old and had a miscarriage four months back. During the eighth week, the fetus was not visible and its heartbeat could not be detected. Now I am again pregnant. My doctor has advised me to take Duphaston (10 mg) twice a day till the seventh week of my pregnancy. Is Duphaston safe during pregnancy? A couple of days back I had some brown discharge.

A:Continue the Duphaston or shift to an oral or vaginal micronized progesterone till 10-12 weeks / or you can take HCG injections weekly to prevent a miscarriage. You also need to take precautions like light work and no sex till the fourth month. Get tested for causes of miscarriage like infection / diabetes / abnormal uterus or cervix, etc and take necessary treatment. Pregnancy will need to be followed up for high risk factors and maternal fetal monitoring would be necessary till delivery.


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