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Should I go in for a D & C?

Q: I am in the 8th week of pregnancy but no fetal pole and yolk sac have formed. There is no bleeding and pregnancy signs like morning sickness are present. My doctor has advised for a D & C. The sonography report mentioned a missed abortion. Do we wait for a few more weeks? I am pregnant for the first time and my age is 32 years. My cycles were not regular and have been on various treatments to keep them regular. Other reports are normal. Please advise.

A:By now the yolk sac and fetal pole should have definitely formed and visualized on the scan. The doctor is correct in advising D & C. If you have been closely monitored for ovulation induction and administered Inj Profasi it is highly unlikely there would be an error in dating of pregnancy. The serum beta - HCG levels done sequentially every 48 hours would have helped, but it is an additional cost. However, if you still want to satisfy yourself, you may wait for 1 week more and repeat the ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.


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