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Should I be worried about my blood sugar values?

Q: I want to know that if random blood sugar level is 158 then should I be worried? I had an ice cream then a full glass of Pepsi and then pasta. I ate too much and after three hours I checked my random blood sugar which was 158. After four days I had brown bread with a little honey and after half hour I checked the blood sugar level which was 127. So, do I have diabetes? Do I need to worry and should I control my diet? I want to know if neem leaves and fenugreek seeds are helpful to reduce sugar level?

A:A blood sugar level of 127 mg/dl half an hour after food is normal. A blood sugar level of 158 mg/dl 3 hours after food is borderline. It would be wise to have your blood sugar level checked after an overnight fast. A level greater than 126 mg/dl repeated on two occasions when fasting, is diagnostic of Type 2 diabetes; so is a random blood sugar level of 200 mg/dl taken at any time. I regret that I cannot comment on the effects of various seeds on the blood sugar. I do hope this advice is helpful to you.


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