Q: I am a Computer Engineer. In December 1996, I suddenly fell down - and my friends said that, I had a Seizure. I went to Hospital, there the doctors examined me and informed me to have Tests like - EEG. I went through the Test - In the test it was confirmed that my condition is normal. I think my first Seizure occured due to keeping pressure on brain. So this was my first seizure. After that I never had a seizure for about 5 years. Last year, when I was in a Job, in July 2001 - I had a second seizure. I went to Doctor again, I had Tests - EEG, in that it was NORMAL. After this incident, in about a 1 months time, I had my third seizure. I went to Doctor, he said to have CT SCAN - but it was NORMAL. After looking at reports, Doctor had given a medication to me. I am regularly using the medicines. After this third episode, I am feeling insecure and also not comfortable in front of my friends and relatives, and also not going outside, or not moving freely in and out side, having a fear of fourth seizure. I even left my job, from that day onwards I am just sitting at home. I am not at all going outside or to relatives house or even I am not driving the vehicle. I got a fear in my brain - that another seizure may occur at any time in any circumstance. I read some articles on internet about the epilepsy disorder. Please suggest me how to come forward.

A:You had 3 fits over 7 years and I see nothing to worry about at all. There are people who get 2-3 fits a day and more so you should consider youself well off. You are in my view normal except - a. You have to take medicines properly b. For the time being you should not swim or drive a vehicle. You are adding your own problems by being depressed. I would like to know what medicines you are on for the fits and you must take them regularly.


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