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Reflux problem

Q: I have Reflux problem since 3 years now. During these 3 years, I went to a number of Gastroentrologists and all have suggested to use Omeprazole capsules everyday, once a day. I have used it most of the time during these 3 years and I am still continuing to use it. During past couple of months I started to take the tablet on alternative days and made a habbit of drinking about 50 ml of milk just before I go to bed. This reduces the burning till I go to sleep and what happens I dont know. Is it safe to drink milk for reflux problem? Will taking the Omeprazole tablets on alternative days increase my risk of having ulcers in the oesophagus in anyway? Please suggest a good way to keep balance between the drug, food, milk etc that is good for me in long term.

A:It is perfectly safe to take Omeprazole. The capsule should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning followed by breakfast. It is OK to take Omeprazole on alternate days if you get relief from reflux symptoms. Ideally, you should not eat anything for about 2 hrs before you go to bed. But it is OK to take milk at night if it provides you with symptom relief. Other important measures: raise the head end of your bed by 4 inches, avoid big meals, stop smoking, drink in moderation, loose weight if you are over weight.


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