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Reason for frequent cough

Q: I have intermittent cough (phlegm) black and white after every 03 to 04 days. I have regular coughing also since last 2 to 3 years. Various checkups have been done, but all appear to be normal. X-Ray and CT Scan of the Larynx/Throat/Blood report is normal. Granules had occured in my throat which have been erupted. After eruption the coughing is less. There is much formation of white precipitate on tongue. Kindly suggest me what kind of disease it is. Also provide information regarding further checkups (pathology/Radiology). What is the reason for black and white cough?

A:The cough may be because of 1). Post-nasal discharge 2). Allergic cough3). Asthmatic cough. You should get a CT scan of the sinuses if you sufferfrom frequent colds/cough/post nasal drip. With this you can consult an ENT specialist who can help you further. Chances are that it is your sinuses that are the cause of your chronic cough.


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