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Problems after TURP operation

Q: My father aged 81 years underwent TURP on 8th May this year. No malignancy was found as per biopsy report. There were no problems till 14 days after this operation but thereafter he began complaining of burning sensation in the urinary passage associated with contraction from navel upto the external meatus. There is a feeling of some obstruction on the tip of the external meatus behind the glans penis. There is some prostatic discharge too. All symptoms aggravate after such discharge. He is suffering a lot. The present problem is more troublesome than before the operation. We consulted the surgeon who had done the operation who, after examination, said that such problems are usual after TURP and added that everything will be alright within 4-5 months. Please give your valuable advice in the matter. Are the problems as mentioned usual after TURP and whether my father will be free of these irritating symptoms with time? If not, what should we do next? Your valued advice will be a great boon to me and to my suffering father.

A:I am sorry to learn that your father has some problems after his TURP. The way you have described is not normal after a TURP. The possibilities are either an uncontrolled infection or some narrowing of the urethra. It may be wise for your surgeon to perform urine culture, do a check ultrasound for any residual urine in the bladder and perform an endoscopy under general anaesthesia to make certain everything is fine. I am sure he will recover very soon.


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