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Pregnancy - gas formation

Q: My wife is pregnant and her last menstrual period was on March 8, 2001. We were finding that the size of her stomach was growing. Suddenly since yesterday the size has come down and she feels comfortable and very light and is happy. But why there is such sudden reduction in the size of the stomach? The are no other symptoms and no pains / problems. Another thing, she is advised to take Nutrilite, an Amway product rich in protein. As she is pure vegetarian her friend suggested her. Is it ok to take Nutrilite?

A:This increase in size was probably due to gas and constipation which are very common in 1st three months of pregnancy - and after her distension has subsided she feels comfortable. At any rate, she should be seeing an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for a routine pregnancy checkup. I know nothing about this amway product and would not recommend it without adequate information. She can take plenty of milk, curd, dals, kaala channa, nutri nugget, paneer as good sources of protein.


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