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Please clarify my post-delivery doubts?

Q: I had a c-section two months back. All is fine with me & baby. I am breast feeding & once or twice a day giving him formula. Maximum is breast feeding. What is happening is when the flow of milk is very fast my baby is unable to drink the milk he chokes up starts crying & then I end up giving him formula which I don't like. I keep my nipples between my finger even then the flow is very fast. This is happening since 1 week. How to control the flow of milk. Since I had a c-section (they clean the dirt at the time of surgery) I had bleeding only for 10 days & upto 1 month I just had slight spotting. 15 days back we started to have intercourse. The day we had sex, I had a spotting. I thought since we had intercourse after 6-7 months so I had a blood spot. Yesterday again I had spotting even though we didn't have intercourse. Even today I had spotting (no intercourse). How is this possible or am I getting my periods? But I feel its too early to get periods since I am breast feeding & its only 2 months 13 days since I gave birth. What is happening in me? Do ladies who get c-sections done face this kind of problem? Do we get spotting before commencing actual periods? While having intercourse I am not enjoying as before. At that time I get the thoughts of the labour process (I was in labour for 8 hours too). Now I feel my private part is not private anymore. All these thoughts make me feel sad & by this I am not able to enjoy my private relationship & feel that my hubby is also mentally suffering by my behaviour. Before wedding I never used to allow even my mother to enter my room while changing dress, etc now so much has happened I feel very bad for it, so many people have seen my private part. I know this a psychological problem but please help me out to come out through this problem.

A:First of all congratulations on your baby and the fact that everything went well. You have asked a few questions and I will answer them individually. - About your breast milk, It is common to have the initial flow too much for the baby to handle. I would suggest pumping your breasts or squeezing some milk out into a bottle (that you can use later to feed the baby) before you start nursing. That will slow down the milk flow. Make sure that the stored milk is refrigerated and used within 24 hours. If you cant use the milk in 24 hours, then it needs to be frozen. It is safe for upto a week if frozen (assuming you don't lose electricity very often). Your idea of not wanting to give him the artificial milk is a good one because breast milk is the best milk for the baby. - Your periods do get irregular for a while after delivery and especially during breast feeding. You did not tell me if you are on any hormonal contraceptive. That can affect your periods. If you are not on a contraceptive, you can still ovulate and get pregnant without having a period. If you do not want another child soon, I suggest using some form of reliable contraception. - It is also common to feel violated during the process of delivery. I hope that in your mind you can separate the medical condition from your normal life. If you continue to have problem with that issue, please see a therapist. He/She may be able to help you move past the feeling.


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