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Physiotherapy - Postural imbalance

Q: I am unable to maintain my posture. I slouch to the right side as my neck muscles are weak. I feel continuous neck strain and laxity of all joints. I cannot stand properly. What should I do?

A:You can follow the following regime:

  • Learn general body relaxation by using whole body relaxation technique.
  • You will have to visit a physiotherapist to help you correct your posture passively till you are able to maintain a correct posture actively, which is very important for you.
  • Learn general mobility exercises for neck as well as the whole spine and shoulder girdle exercises.
  • Learn deep breathing exercises and keep a check on your vital capacity.
  • Balancing exercises, for example, walking with a book on the head with a correct posture, is valuable.
  • Stretching of the soft tissues and correction of the contractures on the concave side of your spinal curve will form an important part of your treatment.
  • Please be regular with your physiotherapy treatment.


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