Q: Is there any alternative to circumcision or is it possible if we try to pull back skin normally? It can get back some day so should I try to retract back the foreskin gently? If I dont go for circumcision as a part of my glans is covered with foreskin, will it have any effect on my partners pleasure and will I have any pain while doing intercource? Also when my penis is not erect I can pull back foreskin more than while it is erect. Please tell me what to do and is there any alternative other then circumcision?

A:If I understand your complaints correctly, you are 24 years old, and are unable to properly retract the prepuce. This interferes with erection. This condition is called phimosis.
Phimosis is normal till about 10 years of age. After this the prepuce should retract normally. If it does not, you need surgery. There is no alternative to surgery. Surgery is usually in the form of an operation that removes the entire prepuce. This operation is called circumcision, and is the ideal procedure for this condition. Do not try to force the prepuce backwards. This may result in small tears in the prepuce, which will heal by scarring and will worsen the phimosis.


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