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partial paralysis

Q: The stool tests (occult blood) of my father, were conducted. The reports were normal. He has been prescribed Zincofer tablets (twice daily). Doctors here suggested an endoscopy after one month of intake of the iron tabs if the haemoglobin level does not rise. Is gastroscopy and endoscopy the same thing? Do you suggest any further examinations? I would like to know the actual reasons behind the dizziness and partial paralysis of the left side, was it because of high blood pressure or because of the low haemoglobin ? However, his blood pressure measured at that moment of uneasiness was 130/82. Is it possible for the blood pressure to rise suddenly and fall causing one to feel such discomfort? I would also like to know, was it really a stroke or some other thing due to anaemia ? Lastly, what needs to be done to hasten the recovery of his right eye? the eye ball of which does not move towards the left and the eye lid is still drooping. Also, his vision is not clear when he tries to open both his eyes.

A:The paralysis was due to less blood supply to the brain and the low Hbincreased the problem. High BP causes the arteries to gradually stiffen and narrow and causes the less blood supply over a period of time. There is no treatment that will hasten recovery other than C. Copidogrel. Once the gastroscopy is done (same as endoscopy) Aspirin can also be started, Ecosprin 150mg daily.


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