Q: What is pancreatitis? Is chronic pancreatitis curable? Any surgery needed? What is the treatment? Explain what diet a pancreatitis patient should take in day to day life?

A:Pancreatitis connotes inflammation of pancreas, an organ that lies just behind the stomach and is concerned with digestion. Chronic pancreatitis is labeled when the symptoms occur for several months.It is not really curable but often treatable. You are surely aware that most chronic conditions are not curable. Surgery may be required in some cases, but in most drug treatment is adequate. You should be guided by a gastroenterologist in your treatment.Regarding diet, the general rule is to avoid what in your own experience has caused you problems like pain. Often fatty and spicy food, and alcohol aggravates the symptoms and you would do well to avoid these. You willo need pain killers and pancreatic enzymes, which your doctor might have suggested to you.


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