Pain in eye

Q: I am 21 year old, medical student. From the last one year I am suffering from pain in my left eye. I have spectacles and the number in the eyes is as follows -1.75 in both eyes. I have cylindrical power. For pain I have consulted an optalmologist and he diagnosed my eye pain due to ciliary muscle weakness. Please tell me the treatment should I take for this.

A:Pain in the eye is most commonly due to eye-strain caused by continuous reading, prolonged computer work, or due to incorrect prescription of glasses. You should visit an ophthalmologist and get your glasses number checked accurately after dilating your pupils. He may also advise some eye exercises to alleviate muscle weakness if necessary. While working on the computer or reading, ensure that you take a short rest every half-an hour or so. You should be at a normal working distance in a well-lit room in a comfortable posture. A well balanced diet, wearing the right prescription glasses and regular check-ups with an eye-doctor can take care of your eyes.


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