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Not being able to see the school board

Q: My 5 yr son complained about not seeing on the school board. When check with optician, he suggest he may be getting spectacles. we then consulted eye surgeon and after various checking he declared that child is suffering frm deficiancy of vitamin A and has the plus number in eye. due to this his eye sight are weak. This is the history of case. NOW the qus is whether it is possible for a so small kid to have such deficiancy, what are the cause for the same, what is the treatment to increase the vitamin a in body. is it possible that numbrs will gone as he grown up.

A:A 5 yr old child needs a full cycloplegic refraction & check by the ophthalmologist. Vitamin A deficiancy is now not commonly seen& can be easily treated with Aquasol-A capsule(50,000 i.u.) one capsuletwice a week (with meals) for 2 weeks i.e. total 4 capsules (dose 2,00,000i.u.) only. Proper attention & nutrition which should include milk, milkproducts, papaya & non-veg food will have to be given, in case the child hasa significant power, glasses should be prescribed and worn.


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