Nose blockage

Q: I am suffering from nose blockage problem from many years ,because of it(i think)the size of my nose is bigger than other. Blockage is commom for me 3 or 4 times in month.nothing can give me releaf , I have used1. nose droppes 2.vicks 3.steam, etc, secondly, I have doubt in my mind that it is happening because of excess bulgam in my chest,is there any test for it. I feel it so becoz , generally nose blockage happens in night when I go to bed.

A:In case your nose is not reacting to medication then certainly needs investigations , also to clear on the phlegm from the chest. Are you getting breathless or pain in the chest or fever ?Try to take medication like decongestants and anti-histamine combination.And get your xray for sinus with haemogram tested.


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