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Neurology - writer's cramp

Q: Since, more than a decade I am suffering from writer"s cramp. Whenever I hold a pen in my hand and start writing my thumb gets a cramp, and I find very diffcult to write. I have changed my writing style and could get some relief. But now a days I find this style is also useless. I am regularly doing yogasana and also done lot of exercise for this but there is no improvement. Kindly suggest me a treatment.

A:Dystonia is a form of movement disorder in which there is persistent posture or attitude due to co-contraction of opposing muscle groups. It may be generalized or segmental. Writers cramp is a type of segmental dystonia. It is a task-related dystonia in the sense that it is brought on by the specific task of writing. It may result from a variety of neurological disorders. At times, there is no apparent cause. Various medicines have been tried in treatment of Writers cramp but the medical treatment is generally unsatisfactory. Botulinum toxin (Botox) is effective in some cases. It may be worthwhile learning to write with the other hand.


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