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Neurology - giddiness

Q: I often feel run down and exhausted. There is heaviness in the head. Sometimes, I feel unsteady with giddy sensation. BP, however, is within normal limits, generally 145/80. Blood sugar is also normal 125-140 post-prandial. I have been diagnosed as heaving cervical spondilitis and vestibular disturbances. Apparently for no reason, the pulse rate sometimes goes up to 125/minute when I take Stemetil 5 mg and 1/2 of Compose 5mg. Then after sometime, I settle down. What is all this due to? What should I do?

A:I think the cervical spondylosis you have is of no consequence. Many people of your age I would say 90% have this on Xray but there are no symptoms of the same what you appear to have is anxiety and perhaps some depression and I would advise you to relax. I suggest T. Serta 50mg 1 daily , T. Alzolan SR 0.5mg at bedtime. If you could try some yoga or other relaxation procedure and worry less.


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