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My son fell from the merry-go-round, what do we do?

Q: My son at the age of 6 fell down from a merry-go-round in the school. He was brought home unconscious and admitted to the local hospital. It was seen that he got paralyses. Since then he is not moving his left hand and there is limp in his walk after one and a half years. He started getting seizure and from then he is on medicine Tegrital. Recently, I have been advised for a stent operation. Would you please give me some advice on the above.

A:I am afraid I do not understand your query. A stent is a device used to open up narrowed arteries. Have your sons doctors found evidence that narrowing of the arteries supplying the brain is the cause of his left limb paralysis? There are times when after an injury there is an excessive collection of water in the brain. This condition - hydrocephalus - can cause an increase in pressure within the skull. When this is noted, a SHUNT is inserted. The shunt is a tube with a valve incorporated within it that allows flow of water from the brain into the abdominal cavity. Have your sons doctors advised insertion of a shunt? In either event please confirm that insertion of the device will improve your sons condition.


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