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My father had a brain surgery, will he be fine?

Q: My father underwent a brain surgery two years back following the detection of a third ventricle colloid cyst. Due to some complication during surgery, he suffered a brain haemorrhage in the frontal lobe. He lost his vision and was in ICU for 15-20 days. Though he has improved immensely, his vision is still not perfect. He can read but with great difficulty. The doctors say that his optical nerves are compressed and improvement would come only with time. He has also had 5 episodes of seizures and is on 300 mg of eptoin and Frisium 10 mg. Please help me in improving my fathers life.

A:I am sorry to learn of the complications suffered by your father. If his optic nerves are compressed, please consult his doctors about whether anything can be done to take the pressure off them. This is important as nerves compressed for a long time can come under permanent damage. As regards the control of seizures, at times it is necessary to use more than one anticonvulsant drug. It is likely that after a while the consultant will try to withdraw one of these drugs gradually.


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