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Movements have become less during pregnancy

Q: I am 9 months pregnant, for about last 2 weeks the movements have become very less (compared to 05-07 months), doctor did get the routine Scan done and everything seems to be normal. What I would like to know is in this stage is it normal that the no of movements come down? What should be the no of movements per hour, so that i can keep a count on it? My hands and legs have started swelling (anklets and rings have are getting tight!), all this 08 months there was no swelling, BP was normal, even now BP is normal, is there anything to worry about ?

A:You should have at least 12 movements in a day at this stage. If they are any lesser than this you must go to your doctor. Also as long as you have a normal B.P. and no proteins in your urine, you need not worry too much about little water retention


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