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Lesions on the throat and inner cheeks

Q: This refers to your expert comments for my problem reported 2 months back, details of which are attached below. Finally I got some releif from throat pain after a weeks course of Amoxicillin & Atarax, now that pulsating pain is not there for the last one month but the itching sensation does occur 4-5 times a day. Also there is no change in the colour of my pharynx, some areas near my tongue on my inner throat are still bright red and appear as if bruised. My tongue pains for about 4-5 times a day, also I can see some small white coloured blisters on both inner cheeks adjacent to the teeth. I am regularly taking B-Complex & multi-vitamin anti oxidents for the last one month but there is no releif. Also I do betadine gargles & take mucadine thrice a day. I do have some acidity related problem also as I suffer from heart burn & sometimes (frequency of 15-20 ) feel some hot acidic fumes (in hindi what is known as dakaar ) coming into the mouth from stomach. Request you to please study this case throughly & reply accordingly.

A:The treatment for acidity is the key to your throat problem. This treatment has to be taken on a long term basis (4-8 weeks and then maintenance dose). Omeprazole 20mg taken twice a day before meals shows a better response. In addition, continue taking antioxidants. Show your cheek lesions to an ENT doctor, if insignificant they may take a long time to disappear and some may persist also.


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