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Knee meniscal tear

Q: What is the cure for miniscal tear in the knee?

A:Arthroscopy is the best choice to deal with meniscal cartilage tear. The only other option is no intervention. Menisci is the cushion between the two bones, femur and tibia and a meniscal tear is a tear in the cushion. Since the menisci does not have a blood supply, the tear cannot heal. Unless it is on the periphery. But unfortunately, most of the tears are in the avascular area. Arthroscopy removes the torn part and makes the menisci smooth again. It is not an emergency. you can ofcourse get it done later.It depends on your symptoms too. If it locks the knee or prevents motion, then it may have to be dealt sooner. You can continue with your routine. Limit running, jogging, jumping, or long walks. you can take any analgesic, anti inflammatory medication for pain and swelling.


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