Kidney stone

Q: I am male age 57 years. I had a right kidney stone, underwent lithotryosy but stone particles not removed in urine, on examining it was observed stent could not be negotiated at pelvis rt ureter and rt kidney and urine is hold up in rt kidney.IVP shows rt kidney not functioning as dye fills in rt kidney but not passing through ureter.creatine is 2.4, puss cells 100/200, no culture, other pathology tests normal , no fever, no diabetes, no blood pressure problem.good apetite &sleep.i also have urethral stricture and on regular question is, is there any remedy to operate at rt kidney pelvis so that stent can be negotiated and urine can pass through rt test showed kochs infection in rt kidney (smear <10), underwent AKT 18 months now AFB in urine negative.

A:You need urgent intervention in form of PCN in order to drain urine from your right kidney, so that it can be saved. Later on the stent may be passed or stones can be removed. What about your kidney. If it is normal, then your creatinine should be norm al. Please tell about it also. dont delay PCN.


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