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Is Wysolone effective in lowering anti-TPO level?

Q: My 32 years old wife had a history of pregnancy loss (twice). The anti-TPO test revealed that it is quite high (more than 2000). Now, she is taking Wysolone twice daily as prescribed by the doctor. Is Wysolone effective to lower anti-TPO level?

A:The test will need to be repeated, and more tests like TORCH, APL, ACL and infection as well as diabetes screen will need to be done to evaluate all possible defects - and treated accordingly. If the TPO titres are rising the dose of steroid and duration will need to be followed. If other infections are also present - or APL / ACL are raised, aspirin and antibiotics too may need to be added, depending on the positive factors detected. If a thyroid disorder or diabetes is found that too may need treatment.


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