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Is walking better than jogging as a fitness exercise?

Q: How far jogging is recommended as a fitness exercise for a long period? I do jogging every morning 1 km. One of my friends suggested that jogging should be avoided as it cannot be continued for a longer period upto old age - say beyond 60 or so, however walking can be continued. What is your opinion?

A:I have always been a fan of walking over jogging for I believe that the side effects are much less and one can get the same results by walking for longer periods or walking faster. However there are die-hard followers of jogging who I may have to contend with, so in all fairness, I would prescribe jogging if: 1. You have been jogging for a long time. 2. The surface ground you use is soft and yielding. 3. You are not overweight. 4. You do not suffer from any joint problems or osteoporosis, or even headaches. 5. Your shoes are of a good make so that they can absorb some of the impact. Yes, you can always continue walking, for it is very safe and rarely contraindicated, but the same can not be said for jogging (unless as in the above). Is is best to make a judicious pick keeping in mind, your goal, your lifestyle and the above points.


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