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Is vaginal bleeding at 54 years of age a cause for concern?

Q: I am 54 years old. Twelve years ago, while I was wiping my body after a bath, I saw a few drops of blood coming from the vagina. It bled for ten minutes. It happened for about five days, but not continuously. I again faced the same problem last month. I never feel any tiredness or giddiness. I consulted a doctor after the first incident, who told me that it happens due to weather change, especially the days of high-tide in the sea. I don't have any physical problem. Will this affect my health in future? Was the doctor correct?

A:You have not mentioned when you attained the menopause - that is, complete stoppage of menstruation for 1 year. However, this bleeding is abnormal at this age. It could be due to some benign lesion or due to cancer in the genital tract or due to injury (like during intercourse). You must be examined by a gynaecologist immediately and he/she can then chalk out the further tests that need to be done - a Pap smear and an ultrasound of the pelvis are a must.


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