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Is Uromax effective in treating frequent urination?

Q: I am suffering from frequent urination for the last many years. Recently I consulted a urologist. After a KUB scan and uro flow test, he prescribed a medicine named Uromax-d (tamsulosinhydrochloride and dutasteride). The scan did not reveal any abnormality of the kidney or prostate. There was a residual urine of 28 ml after urination. Will the drug prescribed give me relief? What are its side effects? The doctor says I should take it for six months and then meet him for a review.

A:Unfortunately you have not given the diagnosis arrived at by your doctor. Frequent urination can have so many causes such as non-obstructive urinary retention, neurogenic atony, unstable bladder, urge incontinence, diabetes insipidus etc. You have also not given any information about the tests done such as 24-hour urine quantity, specific gravity, urine osmolality etc. Hence I am unable to review the medication and predict whether or not it will give you any relief. Tamsulosin is indicated in the obstructive urinary retention due to Benign Enlargement of Prostate. Dutaseride is also indicated for the same disorder. It is extremely uncommon for persons of your age to be having prostate enlargement. Both dutaseride and tamsulosin can cause retrograde ejaculation, impotence and decrease in libido in sexually active males. Other side effects are constipation, cough and gynaecomastia (enlargement of male breasts).


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